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Es ist eine einfache Gleichung: Jedes Pfund, das aus dem Tara- oder Leergewicht eines LKWs eingespart wird, ist ein Pfund, das an Ladegewicht zugenommen hat. Die Grenzen dessen, was Ihr Fahrzeug bewältigen kann, zu erweitern, ist eine technische Herausforderung, die Spaß machen und sich lohnen kann.

Dieser Artikel ist ausschließlich in englischer Sprache erhältlich.

“Straight roads are for fast cars,

turns are for fast drivers”. This is one of the greatest quotes from motorsport legend and former World Rally Championship winner Colin McRae. The world’s fastest man on gravel was fearless in the driving seat and best-known for his “all or nothing driving” style.

Like rallying, transport planning in the cement, ready-mix, asphalt, or aggregates industry is a daily race against the clock. Real-time optimization, for example, constantly forces dispatchers to do handbrake turns and power slides.

When Colin McRae won his first title in 1995, Excel spreadsheets was the reigning champion in supply chain planning. Today, latest algorithms provide unrivalled digital torque which allows dispatchers and planners to do incredibly complex, time-critical calculations with ease – moving more payloads with fewer trucks for you each day.

Need more insights into how our algorithms work? Then take your time and browse through this second issue of our RoadMAG. It’s a must-read compilation of our best articles that were published in industry-leading journals recently. Written to stimulate and challenge your thinking on how technology impacts logistics in the modern age, they deliver a blend of big picture thinking with practical ideas you can apply today – plus more inspiring quotes from people like Mario Andretti, Henry Ford, or Bob Geldof.

by Thomas Bergmans, Senior Vice President, Logistics Division

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