Cemtech Live Webinar: Decarbonization

Cemtech Live Webinar: Decarbonization



Bitte beachten Sie, dass das Webinar in englischer Sprache stattfinden wird. Aus diesem Grund werden die folgenden Informationen ebenfalls in Englisch gehalten.

Cemtech’s online events continue to lead the way with engaging programmes from leading industry stakeholders with the highest registrations and live attendee numbers. These popular monthly webinars will explore key technical themes, complementing ICR’s magazine coverage.

Ahead of Cemtech Europe Conference & Exhibition, taking place in Barcelona on 2-5 October, 2022, the monthly Cemtech Live Webinar will feature a selection of presentations directly addressing the conference theme: decarbonising cement manufacture.

Among the main levers for carbon reduction in cement production include clinker substitution and the production of blended cements, energy efficiency including waste heat recovery systems, and transport optimisation all of which will be discussed during this webinar. We are pleased to have four presentations from key technology suppliers, including GCP Applied Technologies (Italy), EXERGY International Srl (Italy), FLSmidth (Denmark) and INFORM (Germany).

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Meet an optimization specialist


Senior consultants from INFORM's Logistics Division will be attending the Webinar. They are available for conversations throughout the Cemtech Live Webinar.

Listen to Dirk Schlemper

Listen to Dirk Schlemper, Marketing & Sales Manager at INFORM's Logistic Division. He will be presenting at the Cemtech Live Webinar.

Topic: "Decarbonising Cement Supply Chains"

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