Cemtech Virtual Event: Decarbonising the Cement Industry

Cemtech Virtual Event: Decarbonising the Cement Industry

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Bitte beachten Sie, dass das Event in englischer Sprache stattfinden wird. Aus diesem Grund werden die folgenden Informationen ebenfalls in Englisch gehalten.

The challenge of decarbonising the cement industry by 2050 is monumental and will require the total commitment of cement producers and technology suppliers working in close partnership. Decarbonisation is driving rapid technological change, with consequences for manufacturing processes, competitiveness and, in the long-term, business viability. Successful companies will need to master new technologies while navigating changing regulatory frameworks and responding to the high expectations of stakeholders, investors and consumers. Over four days, eight sessions and over 25 presentations, this annual Cemtech event will provide the ultimate forum for the global cement sector to share best practice, new technologies and innovations regarding the delivery of sustainable, low-carbon cement manufacturing.

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Details Cemtech Virtual Event: Decarbonising the Cement Industry

Listen to Karsten Horn

Listen – Karsten Horn, Business Development Manager (INFORM Logistics Division), will be presenting at the Cemtech Virtual Event. If interested in receiving more details, please submit a request below.

"CO2 reduction in cement logistics"

Meet an optimization specialist

Senior consultants from INFORM's Logistics Division will be attending the Cemtech Virtual Event from Sep 20 through Sep 23. They are available for conversations throughout the virtual conference, please submit a meeting request below to secure your appointment.


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