Claims Process Automation

Claims Process Automation



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From FNOL to Settlement: How to Significantly Improve the Combined Ratio Using AI Driven decision-making

In this webinar, we will showcase how process automation propelled by AI driven decision support can help guide claim handlers from FNOL to settlement in an efficient and customer friendly manner.

Customer satisfaction, cost savings and efficient settlements do not need to be mutually exclusive KPI’s. We will provide tips for creating a streamlined process to reduce your combined ratio while providing the best possible service to your customers. As personnel costs continue to rise and the number of external service providers steadily increases, it is important to ensure the optimization of processes and remain customer focused. Customers that experience excellent service at the moment of truth will increase loyalty and willingness to recommend.

Join our one-hour session to find out how we can help optimize your claim handling processes, save costs and keep your customers happy!



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Axel Linke

Axel Linke has been active as Senior Business Consultant for the Risk & Fraud division at INFORM for 6 years, focusing mainly on the insurance industry. He has extensive experience in process optimization and data analytics within a variety of industries. Before joining INFORM, Axel worked for a big German insurance company for 13 years where he focused on workload distribution and workflow optimization with RiskShield across all LOB.

Caroline Lenkitsch

Caroline Lenkitsch works as Customer Engagement Specialist for the Risk & Fraud Insurance team. She has worked at INFORM for nearly 13 years and has passed through different stations in the sales and marketing departments. During her entire career, she has always worked very closely with both customers and prospects. Her goal is to combine our software solution RiskShield with the customer needs and wishes. She brings INFORM and the customer together to build a supportive, valuable and efficient relationship.

Joost Kersten

Joost Kersten is INFORM’s Head of Insurance for the Risk & Fraud Division. Together with his team of experts he works to provide insurance customers the best claim process automation and fraud detection solution. Joost has over 28 years of experience in the investigative world both in government and in the insurance industry. He provides consultancy on a global scale for INFORM’s insurance customers, combining knowledge from the business with the outcome of INFORM’s powerful RiskShield solution. In this way, Joost is able to make the connection between the human factor and results provided by technology.

Sandra Krasny

Sandra Krasny works as a Senior Business Consultant at INFORM and is responsible for the D-A-CH market. She has been involved in many project implementations and provides more than 8 years of experience in fraud detection and process automation at insurance companies.

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