Finished Vehicle Logistics North America

Finished Vehicle Logistics North America

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Seizing opportunities, driving transformation

Finished Vehicle Logistics North America is where the region’s automotive outbound logistics experts gather to confront the industry’s challenges, whether managing capacity shortages, extreme weather, or new technology. This year’s event will be especially critical as the sector faces a paradigm shift. OEMs, dealers and customers must adapt to lower vehicle inventory, more advanced pipeline ordering and rising expectations for sustainability. Supply chain and logistics disruptions, worsening driver shortages and rising costs will also require greater collaboration and innovation.

While markets and supply chains remain volatile, now is the time for vehicle logistics decisions makers and companies to seize the chance in this current of change – the opportunity to make a difference has rarely been so profound!

Through in-depth panel discussions, interviews, data and workshops, FVL North America will unpack change across vehicle logistics operations, including distribution network design, lead times, technology investment and logistics partnerships. Event website

Don't miss Justin Newell's presentation !

We invite you to use the INFORM Pass FVL500 for on-site participation. You will receive a 15% discount. Register here

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