LTS: How to Run a Machine Learning Project

LTS: How to Run a Machine Learning Project



We’ve all heard the saying, “Data is the new oil.” Where we might differ is that we see it as lubricant for the innovation and improvement “engine” rather than Black Gold – a commodity. Data, more specifically Big Data, has empowered AI and Machine Learning (ML) such that we’re now seeing a sharp rise in practical, niche AI and ML solutions in almost every industry – terminal operations is no exception.

In this Logistics Tech Short, INFORM will take you through how to run a Machine Learning project. Pulling it all together, they’ll share some of the findings that they’ve seen from their ML projects in terminal operations and discuss why ML insights drive real operational value to terminal operators.



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Details LTS: How to Run a Machine Learning Project

Logistics Tech Shorts

Logistics Tech Shorts - a series of 20-minute webinars on optimization technology in the building materials industry. Designed to stimulate and challenge your thinking on how technology impacts logistics in the modern age, Logistic Tech Shorts deliver a blend of big picture thinking with practical ideas you can apply today.

You'll Learn

In this Logistics Tech Short we’ll take you through how to run a Machine Learning Project.

  1. Understand the Machine Learning lingo – through a consolidated overview of what Machine Learning includes.
  2. Know how to drive an ML project forward – gain a working knowledge of how to approach and manage Machine Learning projects.
  3. Know where to start looking for insights: learn through a practical, hands-on example of what’s involved in turning your data into valuable insights.


Alex van Winckel is a senior consultant at INFORM's Logistics Division focusing on how to drive optimization in the logistics sector. Starting his career with INFORM in 2008, he has acquired 12 years of logistics industry knowledge working on projects for HHLA, DHL Parcel UK, Swiss Post, Hermes, Norway Post, APM Terminals, Port of Rotterdam, GCT, and DP World.

Date & Registration

June 2, 2020

10:30 (New York), 15:30 (London), 16:30 (Berlin/Rome), 18:30 (Dubai)

Registration and participation is free, but spaces are limited. Please register as soon as possible to secure your place in this Logistics Tech Short. Please use the form below to register.

You can’t attend live? You should still register! We’ll be sending out the slide deck and recording after the webinar to all registrants.

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