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ProMat 2023




Digital Decision Making based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Operations Research, including Machine Learning and Fuzzy Logic, empowers state-of-the-art management. Integrating with corporate IT, it renders business operations more profitable, reliable, and agile.

At INFORM, more than 900 business analysts, data scientists and software engineers support more than 1,000 customers worldwide. Software solutions optimize Airline & Airport Operations, Fraud Prevention & AML, IBP, Inventory & Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Production Scheduling, Transportation, and Workforce Management.

We look forward to presenting our software solutions for production and supply chain planning as well as reusable packaging and yard management to you there booth N10118.

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Supply Chain Optimization

A dispatcher with scanner in hands looking at boxes on shelves in warehouse.

Digital and integrated supply chain planning (S&OP) is the key to sustainable success for companies. Our AI-based optimization software supports those responsible in setting up medium- and long-term rolling planning. It also enables them to simulate different planning scenarios, evaluate them based on data, and thus make better decisions more quickly.

With the ADD*ONE solution suite, companies efficiently optimize their internal supply chain - with decisive advantages:

  • Improved service level
  • Transparency at every planning stage
  • Cost minimization
  • Integration of all process steps
  • Reduced planning effort

Reusable Packaging Management

Production of plastic boxes

Whether they are made of plastic, metal, or wood – containers and reusable packaging are an integral part of many supply chains and industries. And in today’s complex supply chains, it is critical that crates, containers, pallets, ULDs, IBCs, or any other reusable packaging are available when and where they are needed. Moving too many into the wrong location is a serious waste of time, money, and resources.

INFORM’s software not only gives you information on where they are, our software also optimizes container pooling and demand forecast to ensure each site has the right amount of assets at the right time.

Optimized Production Planning & Scheduling

Companies in mechanical engineering with complex manufacturing and planning processes require suitable and reliable planning tools. Sequencing of production steps, resource capacity planning, parts percurement and coordinating customer orders have to be evaluated constantly with high manual efforts, especially due to missing planning functionalities of standard ERP-applications .

In order to achieve short production cycles with minimum stock in circulation and while maintaining high adherence to delivery dates, it is essential to utilize algorithm-based intelligent planning tools. This is where FELIOS comes into play. As an Advanced Planning and Scheduling solution, FELIOS provides its users automatically optimized solutions for production control and planning. Users profit from:

  • Increased adherence to delivery dates
  • Short delivery times
  • Maximum production efficiency
  • Transparency in the entire supply chain
  • Planning and schedule reliability

Yard Management System

Intelligent distribution center management is essential for every logistics service provider. Fully digitalized distribution centers form the basis of a truly agile operation, whether you’re running a single Distribution Center (DC) or a nationwide network. Balancing service level, cost efficiency, and sustainable operations is the principal challenge for logistics experts today and a flexible Yard Management System (YMS) completes your DC’s digitalization process bringing cost reductions and a competitive advantage.
INFORM’s powerful YMS for distribution centers combines the power of a robust futureready YMS with a flexible, modular design meaning you only implement what you need and can easily scale as your business needs evolve.


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