TOC Digital MiM 2020

TOC Digital MiM 2020



Building on the successes from the 2019 Millennials in Maritime (MiM19) panel, we’re back this year with an in-depth and focused look at Millennial’s take on working in maritime. This is a must attend session for any company looking to hire, integrate, and retain Millennials into their teams.

To explore this topic, INFORM has put together a multifaceted, multigender millennial panel to weigh-in on the social issues of today and debate the Millennial’s view of tomorrow. In short, millennials are now a central part of the world’s workforce and their approach to work and broader social issues will come to define how companies act in the coming decade.

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Robin Audenaerdt

Managing Director, Audenaerdt Project Management

Robin Audenaerdt started as a project engineer at Europe Combined Terminals, Europe’s largest container port, in Rotterdam in 1995. Robin holds University degrees in Logistics, Business Administration and Supply Chain Optimization from Insead. With first-hand experience from the first fully automated container terminal in the world with Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) and Stacking Cranes (ARMG), he has been working as project and implementation manager for container, car, and airfreight terminals and ports ever since. Not only for freight terminals but also in other logistical hubs, he has been consulting and managing logistical challenges for both public and private clients. Amongst other projects, he is currently acting as Project Director | Container Exchange Route for PortShuttle in Rotterdam, a special service and subsidiary of Port of Rotterdam Authority. The Container Exchange Route enables transportation of containers on the Maasvlakte in Rotterdam. A dedicated road network connects all terminals, container depots, distribution centres and customs facilities. Using this network, autonomous vehicles transport the containers to their destination, fast and efficiently, undisturbed by other traffic. The Container Exchange Route is planned to be operational in Q4 2021 and is expected to handle over one million containers per year.

Matthew Wittemeier

Marketing Manager – Logistics Division at INFORM

Matthew Wittemeier is responsible for Marketing at INFORM's Logistics Division where he’s become a thought-provoking contributor to many industry publications and conferences. He’s co-author of the multi-award winning 2038: A Smart Port Story – a novella about the future of technology and the social challenges it may bring. He’s a member and judge at The Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts (AIVA), the senior producer and host of the buzzITtalk podcast, as well as an award-winning designer.

Marcin Kamola

Communications and Sales Support Manager at DCT Gdansk

Marcin Kamola works at DCT Gdańsk as communications and sales support manager. Marcin and his teams are responsible for business development, customer service as well as communication, marketing and promotion. He has been associated with the transport industry since 2007, including working for DCT since 2012. Involved in the construction of logistics solutions for clients of DCT Gdansk in Poland, CEE and China. w Graduate of the University of Warsaw and the University of Gdańsk, guest lecturer of WSB University in Gdansk.

Beth Maundrill

Editor at Port Technology International

Beth Maundrill is the Editor-in-Chief at Port Technology International and is based in London. Since completing her degree in Politics and International Relations at Reading University Beth has worked in business to business publishing. At PTI she oversees the production of the industry renowned PTI Journal as well as hosting webinars, managing news coverage, and leading the editorial team.Before joining Port Technology International in 2019 she spent seven years in the aerospace and defence sector. She has experience covering international trade events, providing daily news coverage of industry developments, and working in a multimedia environment.

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