VDI Conference: Automation & Digitization of Cranes

VDI Conference: Automation & Digitization of Cranes




Bitte beachten Sie, dass die Konferenz in englischer Sprache stattfinden wird. Aus diesem Grund werden die folgenden Informationen ebenfalls in Englisch gehalten.

The international VDI conference on Automation & Digitization of Cranes is returning, this time dicussing the future and cross-industry developments in automation and digitization of harbor and industrial cranes, how to automate existing cranes and find out your benefits from automation, and the technical, operational and legal aspects that need to be considered.

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This year's international VDI Conference will showcase how digitization of cranes and processes can improve usage and maintenance of cranes whilst still ensuring safety of data and staff. Plus, it will show how automation will increase plant efficiency.


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Details VDI Conference: Automation & Digitization of Cranes

Meet an optimization specialist

Senior consultants from INFORM's Logistics Division will be attending the VDI Conference 2019 event from Sep 10 through Sep 11. They are available for one-on-one meetings throughout the conference, please submit a meeting request below to secure your appointment.

Listen to Alex van Winckel

Alex van Winckel will be co-presenting the "Demystifying ECS in Container Terminal Operations" session with Bharath Sridhar from TMEIC. If interested in receiving more details, please submit a request below.


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